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Date: July 10, 2022

Volunteer for Sippican Lands Trust event at the MAC
Sunday, July 10

Sign up at the bottom of this page. See event description here.

Shifts & Tasks
3:30-6:00pm: Event starts at 5:30pm. Unlock building and help SLT team with any additional set up for event; be on site at MAC to help as needed.

6:00-9:30pm: Event ends at 8:00pm. Be on site at MAC to help as needed. Assist SLT team with cleanup at end and make sure spaces are ready for ArtStart the next morning. Close up and lock building.

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3:30-6:00pm: Open/Event#1: Frank M.
6:00-9:30pm: Close/Event#1: Claire L.
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Jodi Stevens