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Performing Arts

Theater events include concerts and lectures, as well as plays and musicals.

The Theater Committee meets at least twice a year to plan the seasons’ productions.

Auditions are held for each production. The Marion Art Center is a true community theater where everyone – whether cast or crew – is expected to participate in a back-stage capacity, such as helping out with lights, props, costumes,

set-crew, or taking tickets.

The auditorium has an up-to-date, fully equipped lighting and sound system, and accommodates approximately seventy people at each performance. Seating is often cabaret style, with audience enjoying refreshments at reserved tables. At least four adult productions and three children’s shows are mounted each year, and a musical is presented in the summer. Actors, singers, dancers, and musicians from the greater southeastern New England area perform. Directors are paid a fee. There are open auditions during the year.